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Grown Organically and Packaged Fresh in the U.S.

Hennessy’s Hemp Seeds are grown in America, they’re never imported, so they are not searched, seized or irradiated as per international shipping standards. By avoiding importation and only sourcing from US Farmers, Hennessy’s Hemp ensures the highest quality, (always organic), and freshest hemp seeds available. These are truly the freshest, most delicious hemp hearts you have ever tasted! Hemp was unfairly declared (and kept) illegal in America for decades. As a result, for the last twenty years we have been forced to buy imported hemp seeds. These seeds are never very fresh and the taste and nutrient value diminish. American hemp has been kept from us for far too long and for decades activists have worked hard to bring back hemp farming. The 2019 Farm Bill however, allows for American Farmers to legally grow hemp again – we no longer need to buy hemp from Canada or China. U.S. Grown Hennessy’s Hemp Seeds always provide only the highest quality, Organic hulled hemp seeds available. We partner with and support American Hemp Farmers and by choosing Hennessy’s Hemp Seeds, so do you. It is our privilege and our honor to be part of the timely resurgence of American Grown Hemp.

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New Product Coming Soon....Hemp Nuggets

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